Written by attorney James Donald Garrett

How Does A Domestic Violence Charge Affect My Military Career?

Domestic violence issues and the consequences of protective orders affect military members as well as civilians. Protective orders based on domestic violence charges are, however, addressed differently in the military and civilian courts. The consequences of a domestic violence protective order issued against a member of the military can have professional repercussions, including the loss of a commission and dismissal from the armed forces.

The issuance of a Military Protective Order (MPO) will not prevent a Virginia civilian court from also issuing its own protective order due to domestic violence. A civilian court may issue an Emergency Protective Order (EPO) the same day that it is filed and notify a military member’s command within 24-48 hours. After an EPO is issued, the civilian court will schedule a hearing where the EPO may be converted to a Permanent Protective Order (PPO) which may be in effect for up to two years.

A protective order, both EPO and PPO, includes orders from the Court which mandate that an individual not possess, buy or transport any firearms or ammunition. The Court may also order that a person sell, surrender or make other arrangements for any firearms that they currently have in their possession. Protective orders generally do not make exceptions for armed security guards, members of law enforcement or military members.

If you have been charged with domestic assault in Virginia Beach or anywhere else in the Hampton Roads area, or are currently subject to a civilian protective order, a domestic violence lawyer can help reduce the ramifications and protect your career. Call now for free consultation: (757) 422-4646.

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