Written by attorney MacDaniel E Reynolds

How do we help clients sucessfully complete Diversion?

At Reynolds Defense Firm, for our Diversion clients,we keep the file open for the entire year-long Diversion Program. This is in addition to helping the person at the front end with their criminal case as well as the actual entry into the Diversion Program. We've found that there is a really high percentage of people, even good people that we represent, that get sideways in the system because of clerical errors.

For example, a court staff person put a piece of paper in the wrong file. If that happens, the court thinks that you didn't do what you were supposed to do, and if things go wrong from there you could actually be convicted of the DUI. Not because you weren't completing the requirements, but simply because of an error. An important portion of successful Diversion completion is keeping the court up to speed on what you have done and when.

So at RDF, we keep your file open for the next year to try and help you head off all those potential paperwork issues. Our team reviews your file throughout your Diversion year and checks in with you & h the court to make sure things are on track for completion. We want to avoid any surprises at the end when it might be too late to do anything about it. We work hard to try and make sure the case is dismissed because that is why you're entering the Diversion program in the first place and we want to help you be successful with that goal.

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