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How do I post my Bond if I am in Detention


If the Immigration Judge has granted you a Voluntary Departure Bond and has required you to post a Bond, you MUST post the Bond with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency within five- (5) business days form the date of the order.

Please review the Immigration Judge’s order, which will indicate the bond amount required to be posted within five (5) business days.

If a bond is required for your release, (unrelated to a final order of removal or as a condition of your voluntary departure) then the bond may be posted at any time prior to your next hearing. However, the earlier you post your bond, the earlier you'll get out!

To post your Bond you should contact the closest Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office. In the Los Angeles Court the closest ICE office is located at:


300 N. Los Angeles St. RM 7621 (Detention and Removal Operations)

Los Angeles, California 90012

Bond HOURS: 8:00 a.m.- 2:30 p.m. (Monday Through Friday)**

(These hours and days of operation may not be the most current)

Please Note: Although the above are the operating hours, there are certain time cut-offs to submit your bond paperwork. For example, if the detainee is on the East coast all paperwork must be submitted by 12:00 to secure release the same day. Bottom line: Get there early and be prepared to wait over 3 hours with no cellular phone access and no additional guests or friends allowed in the waiting room.

How Do I Post a bond?

There are two ways to post a bond: 1) U.S. Postal Money Order/Bank Cashier’s Check

(Full amount required)

2) Through a Surety Company (Surety Bond)

Procedure for Full Amount- CASH Bonds:

When posting a bond, you must bring with you the FULL amount of the Bond required. Cash bonds are accepted in any of the following three forms ONLY:

  • U.S Postal Money Order(Paid to: Department of Homeland Security)
  • Bank Cashier’s Checks (Paid to:Department of Homeland Security)
  • U. S. Bonds or Notes

NOTE: ALL Funds must be in either of the above three forms. NO CASH will be accepted by the Cashier for Bond postings. **No Personal checks, credit cards, or property deeds may be accepted by ICE.

Who can post the Bond? Is a law-full Permanent Resident, a U. S. Citizen and anyone 18 year of age or older who presents Proper Identification and a Valid Social Security Number may post the bond. You may, of course, post the bond yourself if you meet the age and other requirements.

What to bring with you?

1) Original Immigration Judge’s Order(The one given to you in Immigration Court)

2) The Obligor (person posting the bond) needs to bring Identification

Any on of the following are acceptable forms of identification:

  1. Permanent Resident Card

  2. Passport with appropriate stamps

  3. Valid Driver’s License/State I.D.

  4. State Identification with proof of immigration status

3)Proof of valid Social Security Card.

What information is Required for Posting a Bond?

The following information is required for posting a Bond:

1.Alien Name:

2.Alien Registration Number:

3.Alien’s home address:

4.Alien’s Date of Birth:

5.Alien’s Country of Birth"

6.Bond Amount:

7.Name of the person posting the bond:

8.Valid address for the person posting the bond:

9.Valid Social Securtiy Number for the person posting the bond:

10.Valid phone number for the person posting the bond:

11.Acceptable form of identification:

It is your responsibility to ensure that all information you provide to the U.S. Immigration appears at all future removed Court Hearings. Failure of the bonded alien to appear at all future removed Court Hearings, will result in the bond being beached and you will not get your bond money back.

Procedure for SURETY Bond: To post a surety bond you must work through a private company. You can find the names of addresses of agents who will post surety bonds for immigration purposes I the Yellow pages. The companies’ requirements for collateral and premiums vary, and ICE does not recommend any one company over another.

NOTICE: If you fail to post the Bond within five (5) business days, the Bond order shall vacate automatically and a possible order of removal will take effect on the following date. ICE will NOT accept your bond if it is past the five (5) business days.

How Do I Receive a Refund for a Bond?

The Immigration Customs Enforcement (Detention and Removal Operations) must receive through official channels Form G-146, Verifying the alien’s presence in their country of birth.

1) It is important for the alien to appear and obtain Form G-146 prior to departure from the United States.

2) Upon arrival to their country of birth the alien should present him/herself along with Form G-146,

airline tickets, and their passport to the closest American Consulate or Embassy for a U. S. Government

official to verify physical presence and departure date fro the United States.

3) The Embassy or Consular Officer will complete Form G-146, annotating the alien’s date of departure,

verification of identity and the date he/she presented themselves for physical verification.

4) Upon the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency receiving Original Sealed G-146 from the

American Embassy or Consulate abroad, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency will

cancel the Bond. No copies of Form G-146 will be accepted for Verification of Departure.

5) You may also receive a refund if your Court Case is terminated and there is a successful resolution to

your case while in the United States.

When Immigration bonds are cancelled, the obligor will be notified by ICE through a Form I-391 (Notice-Immigration Bond Cancelled), at the address listed on the Bond contract or last address provided by the obligor in person. Along with Form I-391 the obligor receives instructions on how to file for their refund of the principal and any accrued interest. (For Surety Bonds contact the Surety Bond Agency.)

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