Written by attorney Carl Michael Shusterman

How do I petition a family member?

Send a Form I-130and demonstrate that the relationship you have with this family is among those that qualify makes your family becomes part of a list of people who are waiting for a visa number to migrate, based in the same type of relationship, from the same country or region. When your turn your family will be able to migrate if you meet certain requirements. For example: You send a claim form I-130 behalf of your husband or your wife. When approved, the application allows your family to become part of a list persons of the same country or region are also husbands and spouses of permanent residents. The place to take his family on the list of people depend on the date you filed your petition. So send your petition as soon as possible is an advantage. Although there is no waiting period for Most family members of citizens of the United States, the sons and daughters over 21 years will have to wait certain time. So if you naturalize as their families are waiting for visas, may have the possibility to migrate faster.

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