Written by attorney Kyndra L. Mulder

How do I get a Florida Driver's License?

The requirements for obtaining a Florida Driver’s License became more stringent in January of this year. Many non permanent residents and non citizens who were able to obtain a driver’s license in the past are finding that they can not renew their license when it expires because they no longer qualify.

Below is a basic guideline of the documents required to obtain a license;

  1. US permanent residents will need a green card and a second form of official identification.

  2. US citizens will need either a certified birth certificate, a valid passport or a certificate of naturalization. Alternatively, you may present a driver's license issued by Alaska, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oregon, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington or Wisconsin.

  3. A second form of official ID is also required, and can be anything from a baptism certificate or voter registration card (at least three months old) to a marriage certificate or social security card.

  4. Non-US citizens are required to bring identification, proof or date of birth and social security number. The non citizen will be required to produce evidence that he/she is in the country legally: Alien Registration Card, I-551 stamp on passport, and an I-797 with the immigrant/non immigrant’s A-number. An immigration court order granting adjustment of status, asylum, or other form of relief. An EAD card with a Social Security Card. A visa, A second form of Id would be a student identification cardif you are in the US on a student visa.

  5. You may be required to take a written and/or driving test in addition to a test of your hearing and vision. If you're exchanging a valid out-of-state license, only the hearing and vision is required.

  6. If you are a new driver, minimum age for a learner's permit is 15 years and you will be required

Many immigrants and non immigrant visa holders will have official forms of identification that have different names on them. It is important that each official form of identification you present to the Division of Motor Vehicles has the same name on it.

If you are an immigrant or non immigrant visa holder and unsure as to whether you qualify to get a license you may first want to contact the department of motor vehicles and/or consult with an immigration attorney.

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