Written by attorney Sandra Maria Nutt

How Do I Find The Right Lawyer?

First of all, you're on AVVO and that's a terrific start. Why? Because information is power. Each lawyer has a profile allowing you to investigate that attorney's education, history and client reviews. The AVVO profile is helpful in choosing a lawyer that suits your needs. Further, if location is important, you can map the attorney's office and also check out his/her web site. If an attorney has not claimed his/her profile, the first video will show you how to research a particular attorney on the web in general.

It is incumbent that you take it upon yourself to complete your due diligence. What does that mean? Search for the attorney on the State Bar web site in the state where you live and see if he or she has any past or pending disciplinary actions. Don't be afraid to ask questions of the attorney before you sign a client engagement agreement. If you are uncomfortable, take the time to find a suitable fit and reach out to other lawyers. Don't settle because you're afraid or desperate. We spend a LOT of timing choosing cars, prom dresses (yes prom dresses), paint, furniture, don't rush when choosing an attorney. It's an important relationship that should take care and investigation.

These videos are designed to take you step by step in choosing the right lawyer for YOU.

Part I: Are you frustrated seeking assistance? Don't know where to begin? I am going to show you what to do when you are trying to find legal help and just don't know where to start. I am also going to direct you to free and low cost assistance. Finding a lawyer should not be frustrating when you have a starting point. You also need to know how to protect yourself and we'll discuss that as well.

Part II: Continuing from Part I in an effort to ease your frustration in finding a lawyer. We move on to Bar Associations - volunteer bar associations that may or may not have a referral service of their own. They are smaller associations of attorneys. Attorneys join them for a fee and usually the association offers assistance to the community and other lawyers in many ways such as outreach to the community and CLEs specifically designed to educate attorneys in a particular field of law.

For your purposes, you may find a bar association close to where you live with referrals to lawyers in your area. You may identify with the lawyers within that bar association. These are great resources for seeking legal assistance.

Additional resources provided by the author

State Bar of California: (or your own State Bar - every State has a Bar Association regulating the admittance of attorneys to practice law in their state).

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