Written by attorney Anthony Biagio Rickman

How do I check if my Florida License is valid

I person's license may be suspended for numerous reasons. Your license may be suspended for failure to pay a traffic ticket, an excessive number of points, failure to pay child support, failure to pay a court fee or fine, a DUI or lapse of insurance.

Follow these simple steps to chaeck if your license is valid in Florida.

  1. go to

  2. enter your drivers licesne number.

If you feel your licnese has been suspended in error, or would like to nget your licnese reinsated you can do so in many different ways. For example, If your license is supended for too many points for example you could hire an attorney to vacate a previous conviction thus taking away your points.

You may also be eligable for a hardship licnese if you cannot get back your drivers license due to a DUI suspsnecion or poits suspension.

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