Written by attorney Nick Passe

How can I find local court rules in Wisconsin?

You may know the relevant substantive law about your case and you may know the facts and even the relevant statutory procedural law. However, sometimes there are additional local court rules which could potentially impact your case. Whether you are an attorney or a pro se (unrepresented) litigant, you should always take a look at the relevant local court rules before fighting a case. Luckily, many local court rules are available online.

Disclaimer: This guide is by no means exhaustive and is not legal advice but is instead meant to give you a start in finding what your relevant court rules are. Seeking the advice of an attorney experienced in the relevant legal practice area and courts is the best way to avoid substantive and procedural pitfalls. Be aware court rules posted online are not necessarily the most up-to-date rules and that the absence of rules posted online does not mean there are no local court rules for any given court.

County-by-County Circuit Court Rules can be found here:

Wisconsin Appellate Court Procedural information has been nicely aggregated on the State Law Library Web Site:

Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules can be accessed here:

Municipal Court rules may or may not be posted online but you can probably find out what you need to know by calling the relevant court clerk and asking questions.

Administrative Law Hearings are often handled according to the rules for the Department of Hearings and Appeals set forth in the Wisconsin Administrative Code. Be wary, though; each kind of hearing that goes before the DHA may have rules contained in other statutes or administrative code sections or non-codified practices.

As always, when in doubt, seek experienced legal counsel to help you with any legal challenges you face.

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