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How a Family Law Attorney Can Help with Adoption

Posted by attorney Kevin Gibbs

Choosing to give a child a loving home is a wonderful thing but the process of adoption can be complicated and frustrating. Consult with a family lawyer as soon as possible to make sure you have skilled legal help on your side when adopting a child. The adoption process can be lengthy and fraught with seemingly never ending red tape and difficulty but a skilled attorney can help you achieve your goals in building your family in a much smoother manner. There may be bumps along the way, disappointments and misunderstandings but eventually, a child in need of your loving parenting will find his or her way to your home.

Choosing an Open or Closed Adoption

An open adoption is when an agreement is made between the adopting parents and the child’s birth parent(s) to allow communication between the child and birth parent(s) so they can be involved in each others’ lives to whatever degree is decided on. A closed adoption stipulates that there is no communication between the child and birth mother or even prohibiting knowledge of the identification or whereabouts of both parties. Deciding to have an open or closed adoption depends on the choice of the adoptive parents as well as the birth mother in some cases. This is not a cut and dry area but allows for a greater or lesser degree of “openness" or modification. The United States allows for open adoptions, closed adoption, domestic and international adoptions. All of these matters involve their own intricacies and procedures. It is crucial that you meet with a knowledgeable legal professional who can answer all your questions and help you determine what options to pursue when it comes to adopting a child.

Adoption Lawyer Representing Clients in Orange County, CA

I established my firm, Kevin B. Gibbs, APLC to provide skilled and experienced representation to clients in need of help with family law matters such as adoption, divorce, prenuptial agreements, modifications and other issues. I have helped my clients become parents through a variety of adoption circumstances including private adoption, agency adoption, related family adoption, step parent adoption, foster parent adoption, grandparent adoption, single parent adoption, independent adoption, special needs adoption and other circumstances. Whether you are looking to adopt or want legal help in ensuring your child is adopted by a loving family, I may be able to help. Don’t hesitate to contact my firm today to discuss your situation and available options.

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