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Hit-and-Run Accidents Cause More Trouble Than They’re Worth

Paying a traffic fine is the same as admitting that you are guilty. If you are in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area and have received a traffic citation for a crime you did not commit, a traffic ticket defense attorney from the Law Offices of Colgan & Associates may be able to help. Their firm is committed to aggressively defending you against all forms of traffic violations, from traffic tickets to license suspension. Whatever your situation may be, make sure that an understanding, knowledgeable, aggressive traffic ticket lawyer is on your side.

In many cases, accidents can create a great deal of panic that sometimes cause the offender to flee the scene, but what they may not realize is that their actions could cause them more problems in the future. No matter what you did or how minor it may seem to you, leaving the scene of an accident or a crime is a serious offense, especially if you are the one who caused it. Such actions will only add to your list of criminal charges. This was true in the case of a 29-year-old man from Mercersburg, PA, who unfortunately did not realize the repercussions of his actions until it was too late.

Guilty of accidentally colliding with and killing a motorcyclist with his truck on Wednesday, March 7, the man voluntarily turned himself in to authorities the following Saturday night. As a result of his crime and of his delayed actions, not only was he charged with causing an accident involving death or personal injury while not properly licensed (his license had been previously suspended because of a DUI), he was also charged with failing to administer aid and failing to report an accident, injury or death to police, among other offenses. Had he stayed at the scene of his crime and reported it as the law requires, his charges would have been significantly fewer. Instead, he chose to evade the law for a little while, only to realize the futility of his actions and end up paying far more for his actions in the long run.

If you caused an accident, what would you do? Would you panic and flee, or save yourself the future hardship of additional criminal charges by staying at the scene, reporting the accident, and doing your best to resolve the situation? The answer should be clear: stay at the scene. Offer aid to others involved and be sure to give a full account of what happened to law officials. If necessary, wait until you can acquire a lawyer before you give your story to officials, but never leave the scene until an officer arrives. No one holds a coward or a liar in high esteem, so always keep your wits about you and be prepared to handle any situation or accident, regardless of whether or not it was caused by you.

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Law officials will never fail to relentlessly pursue hit-and-run offenders and bring them to the justice they deserve. But what about those who have been falsely accused of leaving the scene of a crime or accident? Cases like this do occur, and should you find yourself in such a situation, competent legal representation is imperative. Each Harrisburg traffic ticket lawyer from the Law Offices of Colgan & Associates has extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of traffic violations, including leaving the scene or hit-and-run cases. If you are seeking legal help, they may be able to provide the aggressive defense that your situation requires. Make sure that your case is in capable hands by contacting a Harrisburg traffic ticket lawyer from their firm today.

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