Written by attorney Jonathan David Rands

Hiring a DUI Lawyer vs. Self-Representation

If you have been arrested and charged with a DUI you are facing legal consequences such as the loss of your driver’s license, numerous court appearances, restrictive conditions like an Ignition Interlock device, and your freedom. Additional collateral consequences as a result of a DUI charge is stress, sleep loss, damage to your reputation, insurance rate increases and more. In my experience, judges and prosecutors treat those accused of DUI differently than other citizens charged with a crime. If you have a DUI history then the DUI laws require that you are punished even more severely. Avoiding the worst possible outcomes pretty much requires you to engage the services of an experienced and dedicated lawyer who is focused on DUI defense.

Why hire a DUI lawyer vs. going it alone?

Even if you’re somewhat legally savvy, chances are that your knowledge will not even come close to approximating what a DUI attorney knows. Your chances of winning your DUI case alone are slim to none compared to what they would be like if you hired an attorney. An experienced and qualified DUI defense lawyer will be able to review your case carefully, gather evidence in your favor, recommend and work with expert to work on your defense, testify in court and at the DOL. The attorney will also know the opponent prosecutor style and pre-dispositions, and can increase the chances of negotiating a lesser charge, and more. Your DUI lawyer will also know the procedures involved in a DUI case, and thus can immediately pinpoint when the police have not followed a procedure exactly. This often results in a DUI charge being dismissed. There are many ways to beat a DUI charge, most or all of which your DUI attorney knows about, but you don’t. DUI cases can become very complicated and difficult to navigate, which makes it even more important that you hire a DUI lawyer to protect your interests. Experience, dedication, and customer service are the most important qualities in a defense lawyer. Find someone who has been practicing DUI defense almost exclusively. Research the lawyer’s reputation by speaking with friends, family or others who have been represented or dealt with the lawyer. Find out if they have they obtained proven results. Here are some good sources of information: and the National College for DUI Defense.

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