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Help! I'm Being Harassed By Creditors

Posted by attorney Gregory Atwood

Credit Harassment

Are you being harassed by creditors with phone calls and letters? We can help get them off your back

At Atwood & Mcvay, we understand the levels that creditors will stoop to in trying to pressure you. From constant phone calls, to contacting your employers, friends and family, this harassment can impact every part of your life.

The moment that we file your case, we represent you and the harassment will end. Bill collectors and collection agencies can no longer contact you. If they do, just say the magic words — “Call my lawyer." Inform them that we are representing you and give them our phone number. We will handle all dealings with that creditor from that minute on. You can get back to focusing on your life, secure in the knowledge that we are there to help you obtain the relief that you need.

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