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Health Insurance Says Repay Us Since You Have A Maryland Medical Malpractice Case

Health Insurance Says Repay Us Explains Prince George’s County Birth Injury Lawyer

Your health insurance says repay us in a letter that they mail to you following a notification that you may be involved in a lawsuit or legal claim regarding an injury.

Not only are you wondering how they knew so fast that you may be taking legal action, but more importantly, what do they mean they want to be “paid back?”

This issue can cause a lot of confusion because it usually involves the complex language of your health insurance contract.


First and foremost, any information that you receive from your health insurance company you should speak with your attorney about immediately.

This is because your attorney can read the specific language of the correspondence and advise you accordingly.

With that said, in general your health insurance company is going to want to be repaid for any money that they paid out on your behalf for an injury that was caused by a third party.

In simpler terms, if your health insurance company has to pay for medical care stemming from an injury that was caused by someone else, then the insurance company will want be repaid.

For many people, when they signed their health insurance contract these terms were in the contract.


In many cases, the letter from the insurance company will inform you that a lien has been placed on any proceeds from the case.

Not only will the lien apply to a jury verdict, but it will apply to any settlement.

Usually a detailed accounting of medical expenses paid to date will be included in the letter.


As I mentioned above, if you are mailed a letter like this by your insurance company you should speak with your attorney about the letter immediately.

Even though your attorney will do their own investigation into who has to be repaid in your case, it is still a good practice to inform them of this type of information so that everyone will be on the same page at the end of the case.

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