Written by attorney Joshua Erin Newstat

Handling Sex Crimes in Oxnard

A man was recently arrested in Oxnard due to allegations that he had molested about 20 boys. This man sexually assaulted boys at several locations including Walmart and possibly a Game Stop and the Caballeros Circus. Sex crime is not foreign to Ventura County. According to, there were thousands of sex offenders registered in Oxnard, Santa Paula and Camarillo in 2011 alone.

Based upon calculations by the California State Attorney General, there are approximately 102,000 registered sex offenders in the state of California. Sex crime allegations are taken very seriously by police officers and prosecutors. If convicted of a sex crime, an individual can spend years in prison, face financial fines and be registered as a sex offender.

Megan’s Law, later revised by the Wetterling Act, was the original catalyst that resulted in the release of sexual offenders’ personal information to the surrounding community. This is a procedure enforced by all 50 states today. California Penal Code 290 compels individuals convicted of various forms of sex crime to register with local law enforcement offices. attests that one’s privacy can truly be lost, as sex offenders usually have to hand over a photo, their address and physical descriptions of themselves, among other things.

Recently, California passed a hard-hitting law that puts serious registered sex offenders’ personal information on the Internet. It also allows its residents to find out where individuals convicted of sex crime live via CD-ROM and a “900" number.

Another policy some states have implemented is putting restrictions on sex offender’s Internet usage, limiting their access to certain sites, such as social networks. Depending on the crime a sex offender served time for, many states limit offenders’ access to a camera or video recorder and even put restrictions on their ability to go to a park, or other public places where children congregate.

Many states even enforce a “lifetime supervision" protocol that results in a registered sex offender being monitored for the rest of his life. This can impact where a sex offender can live and work. Not only are there immediate crippling consequences for sex crime, there are lifetime repercussions that can cause public shame and embarrassment. This can have devastating results upon the life and tranquility of an individual.

When facing sex crime allegations, individuals and family members alike are put through a very terrifying and uncertain time. One’s happiness and future can hang entirely in the balance. During this frightening scenario, it is of the utmost importance that the accused consult a criminal defense lawyer.

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