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Guide on Steps to Take After a DUI Accident

What should you do immediately after a drunk driving accident?

The chaos that you experience immediately after a crash is frightening. You trusted the other drivers on the road to take just as much care and caution as you did. Suddenly the poor judgment of the person that hit you has left you hurt and confused. You are in pain, and you may still be trying to wrap your head around what exactly took place.

When you talk to the other driver to begin the process of exchanging the necessary information, you may be shocked to find that they do not appear to be sober. They may smell like alcohol, or they may slur their speech. This can add even more confusion to an already difficult situation.

What are the critical steps to take immediately after a drunk driving accident?

After an accident with a drunk driver, here are a few of the critical steps you should follow to ensure that you get justice and that the person that hit you does not hurt anyone else.

Call 911

Immediately following the crash, it is important to get the police on the scene as quickly as possible. Some people may be apologetic when they hit you. However, in an inebriated state of mind, the person that caused the accident may be more likely to be belligerent and uncooperative. The sooner you can get the police on the scene to take control of the situation, the better.

Get immediate medical attention

In addition to getting the police on the scene as quickly as possible, you will also want to get medical attention for your injuries. Although you may feel okay at the scene of the collision, you may feel painful injuries later.

Go to the emergency room with the ambulance, even if you think your injuries are minor. Having an emergency room doctor check your injuries after a crash can help ensure that you make a full and fast recovery. It also documents that you sought immediate medical attention and your injuries were a result of the crash. This is something that the insurance company will have to see in order to pay you the maximum settlement in your claim.

Seek Immediate Legal Help

Your next step should be to reach out to an attorney as quickly as possible that concentrates his practice in helping victims hurt by drunk drivers. As time goes by after a collision with a drunk driver, the evidence necessary to hold that driver responsible for their actions disappears. The sooner you can get an attorney on your side, the better. This way, you can put together a stronger claim that will help you win your case and give you the best possible outcome in a devastating situation.

There are three critical steps that cannot be neglected after your drunk driving crash: calling the police, seeking immediate medical attention, and calling an attorney that specializes in these types of cases. Doing these steps will help you get the winning results you need to cover your medical costs, pain and suffering, and lost wages, as well as serve up punitive damages that can help prevent future drunk driving collisions by this drunk driver.

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