Written by attorney Susan Kyong-Lee Pai

Government Mail is NOT forwarded with a USPS Change of Address

Failing to notify us and the government of a change of address can result in FATAL consequences from an immigration perspective. For example, you may be served a Notice to Appear on an erroneous removal matter and as long as the address it is mailed to is the address of record, an Order of Removal in Absentia (without you present) may be entered and held valid, resulting in your deportation. Additionally, there may be a months-long delay in obtaining your Green Card, Employment Authorization Document, and/or Certificate of Naturalization. Worse yet, these documents may be intercepted and someone may begin fraudulently using your documents. Government mail is NOT forwarded with a U.S. Postal Service Change of Address.

If you move, you must pay for PREMIUM FORWARDING SERVICE with the U.S. Postal Service. This is the ONLY WAY you will receive official government mail once you move. You should continue PREMIUM FORWARDING SERVICE until you receive all your immigration related documents in the mail. Additionally, if you are represented by an attorney, he or she must file an amended G-28. You and or your attorney must also file an AR-11 to effectuate your change of address with the U.S. Government.

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