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Glove Box Accident Form

Posted by attorney Aaron Marks
  • STOP- Failure to stop is a crime. Do not obstruct traffic more than is necessary.
  • MEDICAL ATIENTION - Get medical attention for the injured.
  • SAFETY- Take all precautions to prevent further accidents: e.g. put on your flashing hazard lights.
  • CALL THE POLICE - Call City Police, County Sheriff, or Highway Patrol.
  • COMMENTS- At the scene, don't make any comments to anyone about the accident, except the Police. When the police arrive, be honest and cooperate by stating the facts. Avoid guessing, making admissions or giving your opinions.
  • IDENTIFICATION- Give your name, address, vehicle registration number, and upon request, exhibit your driver's license and insurance information to any other party to the accident and to the police officer. Get the same information from the other driver(s).
  • WITNESSES- Get witnesses' names, addresses, phone numbers, comment s, etc.
  • TAKE NOTES - Make your own written notes to help you remember the facts.
  • TAKE PHOTOS - Take pictures of the accident scene and the damage to the vehicles, if you have a camera with you and you are able to safely do so. Your cell phone may also be able to take pictures or videos.
  • DON'T LEAVE - Unless you are se riously injured or have to go with an injured person, don't leave unless the police officer leaves or tells you to leave.
  • UNATTENDED VEHICLES - If you coll ide with an unattended vehicle or other property, you must STOP as above and either locate the owner or leave a conspicuous written notice for the owner giving the name and address of the driver and owner of your vehicle, the registration number of the vehicle you are driving, and a statement of the circumstances, and then notify the nearest police authority as soon as possible.
  • CAll AARON MARKS, MARKS LAW GROUP, LLC - If the accident was not your fault and you or someone you know was inju red, call us for your Free Consultation.

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