Written by attorney Robert Laney Hambrick


  1. Demand that Law Enforcement & Prosecutors reduce or drop unproven criminal charges early in the process. Immediately talk to the Prosecutor assigned the case or to his boss, the Lead Trial Attorney. In St. Petersburg, Clearwater & Pinellas County Florida the initial investigating Prosecutor who determines which charges to file will be 'stuck' with the case and will have to try the case, therefore persuading him early that the case is overcharged is an effective strategy.

2.Demand Discovery Immdeiately from the prosecution. Discovery includes Police Reports, Expert Analysis, Witness Statements and evidence gathered at the seen. The sooneer Discovery is in the lawyer's hands, the faster the attorney can Defend each allegation.

  1. Immediately initiate a comprehensive Defense Investigation to counterbalance the police report's wrong analysis with every possible view of the evidence which casts doubt on the veracity of the Police Reports, Witness Statements and Expert Analysis. Establish the facts that either prove the Client's innocence or at least will give the Judge and Jury grave doubts about the case against the Client.

4.Immediately file all of the relevant and necessary Evidentiary and Jurisdictional Motions before the presiding Judge (in state court) or Magistrate (in Federal Court) to insure that early in the process tainted evidence, tainted witness statements or inappropriate Expert Analysis is rendered unusable by the Prosecution team.

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