Written by attorney Jonathan Marc Lucero

Denver DUI Lawyer tells how to Get a copy of your Denver Jail booking video

When an individual is arrested they are taken to the Denver jail (Van Cise-Simonet Detention Center) to be "booked." Upon arriving at the Van Cise-Simonet Detention Center prisoners are searched, have a digital mugshot, right index fingerprint taken, and are evaluated for medical and mental health issues by medical staff. Additionally the prisoner's property is inventoried and a thorough pat search (and metal detector search) of each prisoner is performed. The prisoner's fingerprint cards are sent to the CBI electronically. While you are undergoing this booking process you may notice that you are being recorded by video cameras. These videos may be useful in the defense of your criminal case and should not be overlooked. However, these videos are rarely produced by the District Attorney's office through the discovery process. As such, it will be your attorney's job to obtain these videos. In order to obtain these videos you will need to make your request through both the Denver Police Department and the Denver Sheriff's Office as both agencies are responsible for different parts of the building. It is important to specifically request that the agencies provide you with any available audio. Some of the cameras do have the ability to record sound while other cameras do not record sound. The Denver Police Department Civil Liabilities Bureau requires that you access their forms online in oreder to request these video tapes. The link can be found below.

The Denver Sheriff's Office may be contacted for videotapes at: 5440 Roslyn Street, Bldg. 5, Suite 302, Denver, CO (720) 865-3888

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