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Foster Care Adoption

Posted by attorney Mark Iverson

The state of Washington removes children from their mother or father when the children are at risk of harm. The child is then placed in a foster home. The parents of the child are offered services in the hope of reuniting the child with their biological parents. In some cases, however, the biological parents are unable to provide adequate care and the parental rights of the birthparents are terminated.

The state offers prospective adoptive couples the opportunity to participate in a foster/adopt program. The prospective adoptive couple attends classes and becomes licensed as a foster family. A child is then placed with them. If the reunification services for the birthparent(s) are successful, the child may, in fact, be removed and returned to the birthparents. However, if the birthparents’ rights are terminated, the child is then free for adoption, and once the family is approved by a caseworker, the family may proceed with an adoption of the child. Once the parental rights are terminated, it is necessary for the adoptive couple to retain an attorney, for the purpose of finalizing the adoption. In these situations, if the couple qualifies for adoption support services, all fees and costs of the adoption are paid by the state of Washington. If you are interested in the foster/adopt program through the state of Washington, you may contact the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) at (509) 363-3500. If you are interested in the foster/adopt program through the State of Idaho, you may contact Children and Family Services at (208) 334-6800. If you would like to retain an attorney for the purpose of finalizing the adoption of a child placed by the state of Washington or Idaho, please contact Mark R. Iverson for a free one half-hour consultation at the following address: Mark R. Iverson, P.S. 921 West Broadway Suite 301 Spokane, Washington 99201 (509) 462-3678 Toll Free: 1-800-338-8273 E-mail Address:

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