Written by attorney Lucas J. Foust | Sep 11, 2018


Not only has something really bad happened to you, now you have to deal with an insensitive, condescending insurance company representative. You have been made to feel as though you are doing something wrong by making a claim on an insurance policy. You have been made to feel this way even though you did nothing to cause the automobile collision that has caused you to miss work and seek medical treatment. In the twenty years we have represented people in automobile collisions, this is the most common complaint and one of the top reasons people seek an attorney. Whether this is your first claim or your third claim, the insurance adjuster has much more experience than you in handling these matters and you may even feel as though everything is stacked against you. Even with this as a background, I still insist that not everyone (even those who are mistreated) needs a lawyer to settle their claim. Below is a suggestion of five things you can do when the insurance adjuster is acting let’s say “unreasonably.” As always, this is merely educational and does not constitute legal advice:

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