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Five Important Pieces of Evidence Needed in a Colorado Personal Injury Claim

Posted by attorney Donald Banovitz

If you have decided to pursue a personal injury claim in Colorado, you will need evidence to support your case. By preserving evidence early on, you can better protect your claim and your rights.

Some of the evidence you can obtain on your own. However, a Denver County injury attorney may also be able to help with the collection of proof that will be necessary for your case.

Evidence in a Personal Injury Claim

As a Denver County injury attorney will advise you, the first piece of important evidence you will need is photos. As the majority of people has access to cameras these days (through cell phones), it usually isn’t difficult to get photos of the accident.

Whether you or someone else is able to take pictures of the scene, it’s important to capture any contributing conditions. For instance, if you were injured after slipping on the floor inside a store, a photograph of a wet spot would be helpful.

Another example would be if you were injured in a traffic accident, taking shots from a variety of angles may help in determining the cause. A Denver County injury attorney will be able to take the evidence you compile and use it to build a claim for you.

Pictures should also be taken of any resulting injuries. Sometimes this can help establish the type of injuries sustained. A second piece of evidence that is important in a personal injury claim is physical evidence. This would be anything that can be touched or seen.

An example would be the product itself, if you were claiming that it was defective and caused injuries. Your damaged vehicle in a traffic accident can be used as physical evidence.

A third piece of evidence that can help substantiate your claim is a compilation of statements from witnesses. Sometimes they can provide additional information you weren’t aware of.

For instance, if you were injured in a car accident and the details were fuzzy as to how the other vehicle suddenly came upon yours; a witness may be able to testify that the other driver was speeding. Or, they may be able to confirm the facts that you have already stated about your case.

It is important to get contact information from any potential witnesses as soon as possible. Details surrounding an incident can quickly fade, so you want to preserve any testimony that is available.

A fourth piece of evidence that can help your personal injury claim is an accident report. Whether it is a report filled out by police after a crash or a daycare that fills out a report after your child has been injured, these can be helpful later on.

Finally, you will want to preserve any documentation related to your injuries including:

  • X-rays;
  • results from medical tests;
  • prescriptions;
  • bills; and
  • anything else related to treatment you have received.

How a Denver County Injury Attorney Can Help

There may be other types of evidence that a Denver County injury attorney can obtain. Experts may be called upon, such as someone who can reconstruct an accident or a doctor who can testify to the extent and severity of your injuries.

The sooner you start collecting evidence, the better chance you have of building a solid case. And the more evidence you have, the stronger your personal injury claim will be.

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