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Finding an Illinois DUI Attorney

Posted by attorney Brian Polinske

After an arrest for DUI most persons wonder if they need to hire an attorney to represent them. The consequences typically following a DUI arrest not only affect jobs, family relationships, and the court system but can also cause loss of freedom for repeat offenders. For those that drive for a living the arrest alone can jeopardize their livlihood. Fortunately Illinois law allows 46 days after the Notice of Suspension is received before the Statutory Summary Suspension (SSS) begins. This gives you ample time to hire a qualified DUI attorney and to contest the SSS. If there exist good issues to pursue in a rescission hearing your attorney can address those before the court. Not all arrestees will be able to win the SSS hearing. But without assistance of counsel there is even less hope of winning this hearing. After dealing with the SSS the next step is to resolve the DUI. First time offenders can keep the DUI "off of their record" if the case is disposed of correctly. A qualified DUI attorney can typically obtain that type of result. Further, if error was committed by the arresting officer an attorney can oftentimes obtain either a dismissal of the DUI or a substantially reduced penalty (lower fine, no classes, etc.). In summary, it is a wise move to hire competent counsel to represent you if arrested for DUI. Not all attorneys can effectively represent a person charged with DUI. The more experience the attorney has will translate into better results for you.

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