Written by attorney Patricia McCoy Smith

Filling the Void Left by Redevelopment Agencies

SB 623 Offers New Options for Funding Public Infrastructure

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1 California Government Code § 53398.50. 2 The resolution of intention must state the time and place for a hearing on the proposal, the proposed district’s boundaries, the types of facilities and development to be financed, the need for the district, the goals of the district, and that incremental property tax revenues may be used to finance the EIFD’s activities. Gov. Code § 53398.59. The infrastructure financing plan must include 1) a map and legal description of the proposed district; a description of the development or financial assistant proposed within the EIFD; and a financing overview. 3 3 For more detailed requirements, please refer to Section 53398.63. 4 Gov. Code § 53398.75. 5 Gov. Code § 53398.81. 6 Gov. Code § 53398.85. 7 Gov. Code § 53398.85. 8 Gov. Code § 53398.87.

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