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Filing a Personal Injury Claim after a Severe Sports Injury

Posted by attorney Donald Banovitz

InAurora, personal injury lawyers receive inquiries about personal injury claims from parents and spouses of injured players. Every day, thousands of high school, college and professional sports players hit the field to play their beloved sport, and serious injuries are an unfortunate reality. In some cases, the injury may be the result of negligence.

The Prevalence of Sports Injuries

The NationalCenterfor Catastrophic Sport Injury Research ( NCCSIR), an organization that collects sports injury data, reports that “football is associated with the greatest number of catastrophic injuries." The report indicates that in 2010, there were 22 high school football catastrophic injuries and five in the college ranks. But other sports also may lead to catastrophic injury, which the NCCSIR report defined as “any severe injury incurred during participation in a school/college sponsored sport."

Types of catastrophic injuries that athletes may incur include:

  • traumatic brain injury;
  • fractures;
  • spinal cord injury;
  • paralysis;
  • joint injuries; and
  • crippling knee injuries.

The Courts’ View of Sports Injury Claims

There is a certain degree of risk when playing sports, especially for those commonly considered “more dangerous," such as contact sports and extreme sports. Most sport organizations even require players to sign a legal release form that releases the organization or facility from legal liability, should the player suffer injury. In many cases, the courts will determine that the athlete assumed the risk of injury by willingly participating in the sporting activity.

This isn’t always the case, however. There are certain sports injuries that involve behavior that lies outside the agreed-upon rules and regulations of the sport, and therefore, may warrant legal action. Determining if a claim is warranted can be tricky, which is why many inAuroramay find a personal injury lawyer’s case evaluation helpful.

For example, athletic facilities have a responsibility to keep their grounds and equipment safe and functional. Failing to do so could deem them liable, should a player suffer an injury as a result of the unsafe conditions.

Likewise, when a player receives poor instruction from a coach that results in harm, the courts may consider it a case of negligence. If, for instance, a coach pushes a player past the point of exhaustion on a hotColoradosummer day with little to no water breaks, he or she may be held responsible if the player suffers physical harm as a result.

Seeking Compensation for Injuries

When a player has suffered a serious injury, medical bills can accumulate rapidly. Loss of income due to missed work, disability and loss of enjoyment in life also may become huge factors in these types of cases.

Financial stresses, especially in the backdrop of physical and emotional healing from a serious injury, can become overwhelming. There might be an avenue for financial recompense, though, and the injured party (or his or her loved ones) should learn as much as possible about available legal options.

The first stepColoradoathletes should take when seeking compensation is to speak with anAurorapersonal injury lawyer about the specifics of the case. Your lawyer will be able to help decipher which legal route you should take, compile the necessary information and paperwork, and help you file a thorough claim or present your case to the courts if necessary.

Contacting an Aurora Personal Injury Lawyer

In Colorado, there is a time limit for filing injury claims, so you’ll want to speak with a legal professional as soon as you’re able. Aurora personal injury lawyer D.J. Banovitz can examine your case with you. Contact his office today at 1-303-300-5060.

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