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Feeling Overwhelmed when Facing Divorce is Normal

Posted by attorney Jordan Gerber

Newsflash: Divorce is tough. Somehow you have to reconcile letting go of the life you know and have led for X-number of years and start anew. Many times there are factors that complicate this transition that you have not developed the coping skills to handle. Perhaps you are faced with the responsibility of financial planning for the first time or expected to know how to run a household when you aren’t even sure how to do your own laundry. Hiring a divorce attorney will help you balance your decisions and will easy out the process.

More challenging conundrums may be reconciling that the partner you promised to stick with “til death do we part" is parading around town with his or her new significant other and somehow managed to lose those 20 post-honeymoon pounds they had been wrestling with for years… and did you see his/her new fill in the blank (sports car/hair transplant/boob job)?! That lousy *%@&!!

Relax. These feelings are normal (see first sentence above). Venting can be cathartic and emotions need to be dealt with in a healthy manner. At The Law Office of Jordan Gerber, we understand that having a Family Law Attorney you can trust to treat you as a human being, and not just another case, is important.

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