Written by attorney Ronald Joseph Stauber

Federal Regulation D for Dummies.

Everyone looking for investors have heard about or have been told about the so-called Reg. D offerings. That conversation is followed by someone calling off a bunch of numbers starting with around 500 and going up to around 506. This Guide is to supply information and avoid more confusion.

Additional resources provided by the author

The SEC maintains a website at containing information on the federal securities laws. Regarding raising money, going public, advantages and disadvantages, and the process, there are many websites to consult and you can find information on the website tailored for small businesses at “Information for Small Businesses.” Link is You can also find documents filed by companies, such as registration statements and periodic reports, at “Filings—Search for Company Filings.” This Legal Guide is not intended to constitute substantive legal opinions or advice. As such, local competent counsel should be retained as the federal securities laws are complex and each individual state or jurisdiction has different laws, each situation is fact specific and it is impossible to evaluate a legal problem without a comprehensive consultation and review and understanding of all the relevant facts and documents and applicable law.

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