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Farmville Virginia Social Security Disability Hearing

Posted by attorney Gerald Lutkenhaus

If you have a disability hearing in Farmville,Virginia, it will not be a live hearing, it will be a video hearing. The judge will actually be in Charlottesville, Virginia. He or she will appear on a video screen on the wall. There will be a "live" clerk who will set up and record the proceedings.

If a vocafional expert testifies, the VE will most likely be in the judge's office and thus the VE will also appear by video.

Do you get the same kind of justice in a video hearing? So far I know of n study that compares the approval rates of video judges versus live judges.

One concern is the determination of credibility. Can the judge really look at the claimant's demeanor by video and determine if the claimant is lying or telling the truth about his or her pain? In most of the proceedings I have where claimants were determined to be not credible, it wasn't because of inconsistencies between the claimant's testimony and prior statements the claimants had made.

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