Written by attorney Gerald Michael Oginski

Failure to Diagnose Subdural Hematoma in NY; Medical Malpractice Trial Lawyer Gerry Oginski Explains

Failure to diagnose a subdural hematoma can have devastating consequences.

First, a subdural hematoma is a collection of blood under the skull. This can occur as a result of trauma when you hit your head.

In other parts of our body, if we suffer an injury or a fall we may experience bruising. That bruising becomes evident with a black and blue mark that spreads in a local area where you suffered injury. The same applies with a head injury. However, when there is a collection of blood underneath the skull there is very limited space for the blood to go.

In severe cases, a collection of blood in the skull can cause pressure on the brain. If not timely recognized and treated, that can impact the function of the brain.

Treatment often includes surgery and the insertion of a shunt in order to divert the accumulated fluid from building up and putting excessive pressure on the brain.

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