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Factors for spousal support or alimony in Mississippi

One of the hardest questions to answer with a new client is will I get or have to pay alimony? I can’t answer that with a yes or no. I can give percentages based upon the information provided and knowledge of the judges in my practice area, but it’s still hard to say with any great deal of accuracy. I have used alimony very creatively to protect assets like retirement plans, but this is only if the parties can come to some agreement. Some would rather take their chances with a judge. Alimony is not as common as it once was. Chancellors have wide discretion when it comes to alimony. I know one that will not consider it for a marriage of less than twenty years. Another I know might give it after a trial, but will not grant temporary alimony. Many Chancellors will only award it to prevent destitution, but only if the other party can afford to pay it. Take a look at the factors below:

Factors for spousal support or alimony in Mississippi:

In Armstrong v. Armstrong, 618 So. 2d 1278, 1280 (Miss. 1993), the Mississippi Supreme Court outlined twelve factors that must be considered by a chancellor in arriving at findings and entering a judgment for alimony. These factors are:

  1. the income and expenses of the parties;

  2. the health and earning capacity of the parties;

  3. the needs of each party;

  4. the obligations and assets of each party;

  5. the length of the marriage;

  6. the presence and absence of minor children in the home, which may require that one or both of the parties either pay, or personally provide child care;

  7. the age of the parties;

  8. the standard of living of the parties, both during the marriage and at the time of the support determination;

  9. the tax consequences of the spousal support order;

  10. any fault or misconduct;

  11. wasteful dissipation of the assets by either party;

  12. any other factor deemed by the court to be "just and equitable" in connection with the setting of spousal support.

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