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"Experience" is Much More than Just Years in Practice...Ask your Prospective Attorney About Theirs!

Posted by attorney David Shapiro

Many attorneys boast of their "years of experience." The more important question is how many cases the attorney has handled during their years as an attorney, and how many jury trials the attorney has participated in.

Unfortunately, Avvo Rankings are based in large part on how many years an attorney has been in practice, without much regard for how many times the so-called "criminal trial attorney" has actually gone to trial, or to a defense motion and/or Felony Preliminary Hearing.

You will be hard pressed to find many private attorneys in San Diego County who have handled the number and variety of cases I have handled. The benefit of working at a large, high-volume, criminal defense firm the majority of my career was learning to successfully manage 60-80 active cases at a time throughout San Diego County. Now that I have opened my own practice and ideally will only be handling 20-35 cases at a time, the sky is the limit!

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