Written by attorney Rixon Charles Rafter III

Expedited Hearing for Child Custody in Virginia

The Code of Virginia provides at § 20-124.8. that: § 20-124.9 for an expedited hearing in child custody cases:“ A. If no court order exists as to the custody, visitation, or support of a child of a deploying parent or guardian, any petition filed to establish custody, visitation, or support for a child of a deploying parent or guardian shall be so identified at the time of filing by the deploying parent or guardian to ensure that the deploying parent or guardian has access to the child, and that reasonable support and other orders are in place for the protection of the parent-child or guardian-child relationship, consistent with the other provisions of this chapter. Such petition shall be expedited on the court's docket in accordance with § 20-108.

B. In any proceeding under this chapter where a deploying parent or guardian is reasonably unable to appear as a result of his deployment, the court, upon motion of the deploying parent or guardian and for good cause shown, may conduct any hearing using a telephonic communication system or an electronic audio and video communication system to provide for the appearance of any parties and witnesses."

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