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Examples of Disorderly Conduct: Chris Brown & Drake in Bar Brawl

Posted by attorney Jeremy Geigle

On June 14, 2012, NYPD officers showed up to the New York nightclub, W.i.P. at 4am to investigate a fight between two hip-hop artists, Chris Brown and Drake. Though the celebrities were nowhere to be found when police arrived, witness accounts claimed their involvement.

Allegedly, Brown sent a bottle of champagne to Drake’s table, and Drake’s entourage responded by approaching Brown and initiating a fight. What happened exactly continues to remain unclear, as witness testimonies varied significantly. Four women and one man went to the hospital after suffering minor lacerations during the fight, and it was reported that Brown’s bodyguard, Big Pat, was badly injured. Brown released a photo on his Twitter profile of his apparent battle wound, a cut on his chin which he later removed. Philadelphia rapper, Meek Mill was also said to have been involved.

While it is unknown what the scuffle was based on, it is suggested that it was related to Rihanna, a pop-star whom both rappers have been linked to. Though no arrests have been made, this is a good example of a situation where those involved could have been charged with disorderly conduct. ARS 13-2904 states that:

A person commits disorderly conduct, with intent to disturb the peace, if they:

  1. Engage in fighting, or violent or seriously disruptive behavior
  2. Use offensive or abusive gestures or language to provoke immediate physical retaliation
  3. Make commotion with the intent to prevent the transaction of a business or of a lawful gathering
  4. Recklessly display, handle, or discharge a dangerous weapon or deadly instrument
  5. Make unreasonable noise
  6. Refuse to obey a lawful order

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