Written by attorney Neil F. Lewis

Evidence to collect prior to submitting a Request for Humanitarian Reinstatement

  1. Family ties within the U.S.

–we need copies of birth certificates of all your children

–copies of green cards or citizenship documents of all U.S. citizen relatives

–copies of marriage certificates and birth records to establish the family relationship claimed

  1. Residency of long duration in this country

–a list of all trips taken out of the United States since you entered. When you left, when you returned, and why and where you went.

–all US tax returns filed, personal and corporate

  1. Evidence of hardship to the respondent and family if removal occurs

–letters of support from family members. Must include name, address, phone number, and citizenship status of the writer.

–letter from you, discussing hardship to you and your children if you were forced to return to your home country. Include, at a minimum, loss of educational opportunities for your children, lack of family ties in your home country, and all other factors which would tend to show hardship to you and your kids if you returned.

  1. Service in the Armed Forces of the U.S.

–if applicable

  1. History of continuous employment

–a resume detailing your work history from your arrival-present. Names, addresses, and phone numbers of employers and dates you worked.

  1. Existence of property or business ties

–deeds or other evidence of ownership of real property (land) and personal property (autos, bank accounts)

–evidence of ownership of a business, if applicable

  1. Existence of value and service to the community

–letters from friends and community leaders testifying as to your good moral character and the benefit you bring to the community.

  1. Proof of genuine rehabilitation if criminal record exists

–evidence that you are rehabilitated following any convictions

  1. Evidence attesting to the respondent’s good character

–letters from friends and associates

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