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Everybody Goes to Jail

Posted by attorney James Balagia

Former NBA Star Jayson Williams Charged With DWI Getting arrested for DWI can happen to anyone, even celebrities. The long arm of the law (ideally) has no eyes, and it can strike even the loftiest public figures. There has certainly been no shortage of such incidents in recent years, ranging from New York Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell IV to celeb-for-celeb's sake Paris Hilton. It's time to chalk up another accused millionaire. Jayson Williams, former power forward and center for the Philadelphia 76ers and the New Jersey Nets, was charged with a DWI in Manhattan on January 5. On Monday, March 22nd, he asked courts to toss his case, alleging he did nothing wrong. Details in contention include whether or not the Mercedes-Benz SUV Mr. Williams was found in was driven by him (he claims it wasn't, and that the driver fled the scene), and whether the suspect was in fact Mr. Williams (his lawyers claim witnesses were not shown photographs of anyone else). Before this goes any further, we'd like to stress that we're not holding up Mr. Williams as a paragon of model citizenship. He has been accused of several bad things in his life, among them an aggravated assault charge for fatally shooting a limousine driver which resulted in a conviction and a five-year prison sentence. Nevertheless, in this country, we are presumed innocent until proven guilty. In honor of that hallowed right, we sincerely hope Mr. Williams has himself a good team of lawyers. Too often, cops who are overzealously pursuing a DWI arrest might overstep a driver's legal rights when interacting with a driver. Though that may or may not be the case in Mr. William's instance, he-like every other American-certainly deserves the best defense he can get to establish his case properly. If you've been pulled over for DWI, don't hesitate to get the best to defend you. Find a reputable DWI lawyer with a proven track record and fight for your rights.

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