Written by attorney Steven Christophe Williams

Neighbor's Satellite Dish Hanging Over My Property (California)

Question: A neighboring property owner attached a satellite dish to the side of his building, but over the roof of my property. Can I make him remove the satellite dish?

Answer: A real property owner owns the land and the air space above the land. Accordingly, a neighboring property owner generally does not have any right to enter onto that land or the air space above without permission. This includes erecting or installing any structure or object that hangs over the property.

To do so, may be an encroachment (when part of real property crosses property line of another) or a trespass (entering another person's property without permission), both of which are legally actionable. Accordingly, a real property owner may demand the neighbor remove the satellite dish that hangs over the property. If the neighbor refuses, then the owner may file a lawsuit to compel the neighbor to do so and seek monetary damages.

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