Written by attorney Jeremy S Geigle

Embezzlement in Arizona

Under Arizona law, embezzlement is the theft of money, property, or other assets by an individual who maintains trust or responsibility over those assets. In most cases, embezzlement occurs in the workplace or other corporate settings where large sums of money are involved. Employees accused of embezzlement or other types of theft in Arizona are usually professionals, such as accountants, business executives like CEOs or CFOs, and money managers. When accomplished individuals in high-profile positions suddenly find themselves faced with accusations of embezzlement or theft, everything they have worked so hard to achieve is on line. Therefore, it is important for professionals and executives who think that they might be under investigation for embezzlement to contact a Phoenix white collar crime attorney before the charges are even filed. By retaining a Phoenix embezzlement lawyer early on in the investigation process, it is possible to reduce the damaging effects of the charge or have the charges dropped all together. There’s a lot that can be done to lessen the severity of an employee theft crime when a criminal defense attorney is retained in a timely manner. Professionals accused of embezzlement should look for an attorney with past experience as a Maricopa County white collar crime prosecutor, as this type of criminal defense attorney can be a huge asset to their case. In addition, a white collar crime attorney can provide clients with helpful insight about the potential consequences of their charges.

Penalties for non-violent crimes carried out in a business or workplace setting are just as serious as those for violent crimes. In fact, Arizona’s criminal justice system is not known for being lenient when it comes to punishments for embezzlement, theft, or fraud. Authorities are cracking down on white collar crime in the Phoenix metro area.

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