Written by attorney Jeffery Michael Haupt

Emancipation in Indiana can still happen before 19

Last year the Indiana legislature had decided that a change to the Emancipation statute was necessary (perhaps with some push from the Child Support Offices throught the State). Indiana was one of two states that had an emancipation age of 21, while most states were in the age range of 18 to 19. As of July 2012, the age has now been changed to 19 from 21 pursuant to Indiana law.

That being said, Indiana still does have provisions where support could be terminated prior to the child turning 19. If your child has enlisted in the military full-time, gotten married, or has not attended school for the last four months, is capable of supporting themselves, and is over eighteen, it is possible that the support could be terminated under the Indiana emancipation statute.

Is it worth pursuing? Well, put it like this, if you could terminate the child support order approximately one year sooner than you could by simply waiting for the child to turn 19, you could potentially save thousands of dollars. Even a $50 per week order would add up to over $2,500 for the year.

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