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Economic Damages vs. Non-Economic Damages

Posted by attorney Brenton Adams

Economic damages may be available if your injuries were caused by the negligence of someone else. You also could be entitled to non-economic damages, which a personal injury attorney in Fayetteville can help determine.

Types of Economic Damages

Settlements in a personal injury case generally include compensation for losses incurred. These damages have a specific value, can be calculated easily and are designed to make the injured person whole again.

One of the more common types of economic damages is medical expenses. Any accident-related costs may be covered in a claim in which your personal injury attorney in Fayetteville represents you.

Depending on the severity of the injuries, these expenses can be significant. For instance, according to, the average lifetime cost of caring for a patient with a severe traumatic brain injury is anywhere between $600,000 and $1,875,000.

Emergency services (ambulance, ER department), surgery and hospitalization can run into the thousands. Adding to this medication, rehabilitation, physical therapy, diagnostic tests and follow-up doctor visits, an accident can create a huge financial burden.

It will be important to compile all medical statements and bills in order to determine the out-of-pocket costs that you may face. If you worry that you will be too busy to handle the calculations, ask your personal injury attorney in Fayetteville to give you a hand. Sometimes the health insurer will try to recoup monies from the party responsible for your injuries.

Economic damages also include loss of employment if you are disabled or loss of earnings during the time you are unable to work. To help establish an amount, you will need to provide documentation of your salary.

Any damage to property also would be included in economic damages. An example would be a car that was damaged in a crash. Keep receipts of all repairs and any other accident-related expenses for which you paid to remit copies of these to your personal injury attorney in Fayetteville.

Types of Non-Economic Damages

You could be entitled to non-economic damages in an injury claim. These are losses incurred that don’t have a specific value yet deserve compensation.

One of the more common types of non-economic damages is pain and suffering. This is generally based on the extent of your pain and discomfort, along with the prognosis. For instance, if your injuries are expected to result in a lifetime of chronic pain, this will have much more worth than a few weeks of back pain.

Often victims in an accident suffer emotional distress. As a result, compensation for psychological injuries could be available. In some states, it may be included with pain and suffering, but it generally addresses issues such as anxiety, insomnia and depression.

When injuries are catastrophic and the ability to enjoy life has been altered, there could be compensation for loss of enjoyment. Let’s say a permanent disability prevents you from continuing a sport you regularly participated in, or you are no longer able to care for your basic needs – these factors could lead to additional compensation.

When a personal injury case stems from a wrongful death, non-economic damages could address the loss of life. An example would be loss of companionship for a spouse.

In order to receive a settlement, you will need to establish that another party was at fault and liable for your injuries. Contact a personal injury attorney in Fayetteville to learn about eligibility of non-economic and economic damages.

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