Written by attorney Ryan Michael Reppucci

Early Resolution Conferences (ERC) v. Resolution Management Conference (RMC) in Arizona

An Early Resolution Conference (ERC) is generally scheduled when both parties are unrepresented. The ERC is conducted by a conference officer, and during the time set (usually up to 2 hours), the parties and the conference officer discuss which issues have been agreed and which are still in dispute. If all issues are agreed, the conference officer may be able to write up the agreement and take it to a judge to sign and finalize the divorce. If there are still disputed issues, the conference officer will provide a date that the parties return to court to see the judge for a trial.

A Resolution Management Conference (RMC) is generally scheduled when one or both parties are represented by counsel. The RMC is conducted by the judge assigned to the case, and usually lasts 15-30 minutes. This is not a time to present evidence and testimony; rather, it is a time to let the judge know whether or not there are agreements, and to decide what type of services might be appropriate to move the case forward (e.g. mediation, settlement conference, etc.). The judge will generally set a trial date as well as the deadlines for pretrial activities.

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