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DUI Warrant / Arrest

Posted by attorney Jeremy Geigle

The Sheriff is looking for people who have active warrants in order to get them off the street prior to the holiday weekend. You can check to see if you have an active warrant here. If you have an outstanding warrant for a DUI or any crime it is important to hire an attorney to get the warrant quashed before you are arrested at your 4th of July party. By hiring an attorney to file the appropriate paperwork, you will avoid the drama of the arrest and booking in front of friends and family. You will hopefully also avoid that night or more in jail depending on the release conditions imposed. If you have an outstanding warrant, it is time to take care of the issue and put it behind you. If you are arrested on an active warrant, it's not too late. You and/or a family member should contact an attorney as soon as possible to help get you released and to help you get the best possible result in your case.

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