Written by attorney Corey Ira Cohen

DUI Pre-Trial Diversion in Orange County, FL

Under certain circumstances your case may be eligible for a pre-trial diversion program or PTD. In Orange County there is a program that if accepted into will give you a chance to get your DUI dismissed. The DUI diversion program in Orange County is as follows:

  • The defendant must have no prior alcohol related driving history.
  • The defendant may have no more than two prior misdemeanor convictions.
  • The defendant may have completed no more than one diversion program.
  • The defendant must not have been involved in a crash in the instant case.
  • The facts of the case must suggest that the defendant is a good candidate for the DUI Diversion.

This last factor is where the hiring of a lawyer is important. The state has the ultimate authority to approve or deny someone based on the facts of the case. By hiring a lawyer your chances of getting approved for Pre-trial diversion are a lot stronger. There are also two tiers of DUI diversion based on the breath/blood test results or if there was a refusal to take the breath test. This determines how long the diversion program may last. With tier one the breath/blood averages to less than .15 and tier two is for refusals or the average breath/blood results are .15 or greater.

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