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DUI guilty plea to drunk driving and speeding ticket

The Law Office of Ross W. Albers represented a client for a DWI and DUI speeding ticket in Baltimore City.

The client was stopped for speeding on Interstate 395 in Baltimore, Maryland.

The Maryland Transportation Authority police officer alleged that he smelled the odor of alcohol and our client admitted to drinking.

The standard field sobriety tests were performed, and our client failed all three tests. The police officer then had our client perform the the breathalyzer test and the results were a 0.08.

Our client was charged with speeding, driving under the influence, driving under the influence per se, and driving while impaired.

Don't plead guilty to DUI and DUI speeding ticket

The day before court the Baltimore City Assistant State's Attorney called and offer our client a plea deal to the DUI and DUI speeding ticket.

The State was not opposed to a probation before judgment for the DUI, but would be asking for a guilty for the DUI speeding ticket.

A guilty finding on the DUI speeding ticket would cause our client to receive points on his driving record.

At our meeting before the trial date, our office advised the client to not accept the State's plea agreement. Why?

Because, pleading guilty to both the DUI and DUI speeding ticket was not a good deal. The Assistant State's Attorney was asking our client to admit to everything.

Additionally, we advised our client that if we took the case to trial, it was likely that our client would receive the same outcome.

Our client agreed, and we were ready for trial!

On the day of court, Baltimore City DUI Lawyer Ross W. Albers advised the State that our client would not be accepting the plea, because it was a bad deal. But, that our client was interested in just admitting guilt to the DUI, and not the DUI speeding ticket.

The Assistant State's Attorney relented and offered our client a plea to just the DUI.

Our client accepted the deal and received a probation before judgement. More importantly, no points!

If the State's Attorney's Office is offering you a plea to everything, then take your case to trial. Often times, you have nothing to lose by being ready for trial!

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Baltimore City DUI Attorney Ross W. Albers understands the impact a Baltimore City DUI conviction can have on your freedom and privilege to drive in Maryland. As a Baltimore City Assistant State's Attorney, he underwent extensive training and saw first-hand what you stand to lose. The Law Office of Ross W. Albers will work with you to prepare an aggressive defense in order to minimize the impact of your Maryland DUI.

The Law Office of Ross W. Albers offers evening and weekend appointments. Payment plans are available, too.

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