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DUI-DWI Prevention and Mitigation Law

Posted by attorney Nicholas George

Proactive Tips

  1. Don't urinate on the highway unless absolutely necessary.

  2. Take one hour or more per drink to sober up.

  3. In darkness, be sure to turn your headlights on.

  4. Have your registration, proof of insurance and driver's license easily accessible.

  5. Try to have a designated driver or use public transportation.

  6. Avoid using freeways as much as possible.

  7. Roll down the window before the law enforcement officer walks up to the door.

  8. Don't be rude, sarcastic, or apologetic to the law enforcement officer.

  9. Never have a broken windshield.

  10. Never have a broken taillight.

  11. Never exhibit hostile behavior to a law enforcement officer.

  12. Never admit to drinking anything.

  13. Never have any empty or open beer ( or other alcohol) bottles or cans in the car or truck.

  14. When sleeping in the car, rest in the back seat with the keys out of your ignition and ideally in the glove compartment.

  15. Try to get safely off the roadway.

  16. Try to be neatly groomed and clothed.

  17. Use Visene to deal with red eyes.

  18. Check for coated tongue; try to brush if possible.

  19. Never take a portable breath test; it is strictly voluntary under the law.

  20. Consider belching, burping, or vomiting innocently before taking the BAC test; then tell the law enforcement officer that your mouth has material in it.

  21. Wipe eyes with tissues to minimize the watery look.

  22. Only answer non-alcohol or non-drug related questions.

  23. Never make an outright refusal of the BAC test.

  24. Request additional testing and clearly express you willingness to pay for it.

  25. DWI statute is two-pronged so conviction becomes easier.

  26. A casual drinker represents a favorite target of law enforcement.

  27. If handcuffed, ask to personally sign an acknowledgement of rights.

  28. Never sign a waiver of rights.

  29. Never admit to impaired driving.

  30. If you plan a night of drinking, start by having up to 32 ounces of water before any alcohol consumption.

  31. Use turn signals whenever required.

  32. Field Sobriety Tests are not legally mandatory; politely refuse to take them.

  33. Blend in with traffic because it is significantly more difficult for law enforcement to detect an impaired driver.

  34. Do not ever try to elude a law enforcement officer.

  35. Never exit your vehicle before being ordered to do so; at that time, exit smoothly and normally.

  36. Bridgework or false teeth may trap mouth alcohol and contaminate a breath machine sample.

  37. If you have not been permitted to call an attorney, ask for permission to do so after you are booked.

  38. At the police station, stay seated and maintain a composed demeanor at all times because you may be on camera.

  39. Call a friend or relative to get you out of jail as soon as possible.


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