Written by attorney William C. Head | Jun 6, 2010

DUI Cases in GA Require the Use of the Criminal Discovery Process to be Prepared for Trial

Only by exploring EVERY aspect of the DUI traffic stop, DUI investigation, the proper and timely reading of the Georgia implied consent laws can a winning defense be crafted for our clients.

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Open records requests, subpoenas and filing of discovery requests are critiacl to knowing the quality of the case against you. Video evidence (usually DVD these days) exists in approximately 90% of our DUI cases. Criminal Defense Attorneys file Motions to Eliminate Harmful Evidence at Trial. Motions filed by our skilled Georgia DUI defense attorneys create opportunities to exclude (eliminate) key parts of the prosecutor’s evidence against you. For example,written motions filed prior to tril by our experienced trial lawyers will seek the issuance of a court order prohibiting the Intoxilyzer 5000 breath test results from being introduced against you at trial. Other targeted motions that our trial attorneys routinely file with the courts in Georgia will seek to limit your arresting officer from testifying about certain sobriety tests (e.g., roadside agility exercises) or seek to suppress improper statements or disclosures (or some things that are said or done on a video recording) made by the arresting officer during the GA traffic stop and arrest process.

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