Written by attorney Theodore W. Robinson

Drug Court - What Happens If I Fail at the Program I'm in?

Sometimes people who participate in this program make a mistake and go back to drugs or fail to follow rules set by in patient facilities and get dismissed from their facility or out patient program. This can happen if you get a "dirty urine" with drug residue in your urine, meaning you've been doing drugs again. If that happens, the court can immediately sentence you to upstate prison for a substantial period of time. On occasion, a Judge will reinstate someone, but not usually. So this is a very intensive program and if there is the slightest thought that you might not complete the therapy, then pass on this program because the punishment is Draconian and harsh. On the other hand, when you do finish the program and your Felony is dismissed, its like it never happened and you're a free person - without a drug habit any longer. That's a big deal no matter who you are. Being drug free is more important that anything to someone who is addicted because they have no life while they're addicted. So this program is a great benefit to them because they give you great incentive to finish the program.

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