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Driver's License Suspension From Out of State Ticket

Posted by attorney F. Powers

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Hi, I'm Bill Powers of Powers/McCartan, and we get calls on a daily basis from people that may have received a letter from the Division of Motor Vehicles regarding an out-of-state ticket. Now many people don't realize that you can actually get suspended in North Carolina for an offense in another state. It can be any state in the country. Now that's under Chapter 20, Subsection 16, and what it says is that if you commit an offense in another state, which if it had been committed here in North Carolina, where it would have been grounds for suspension or revocation, your license here will be revoked. Now, if you have a problem with this, leave your question, and a lot of people are surprised you get these things a year or two after the fact, please give us a ring at Powers/McCartan, the consultation is always free as well as confidential.

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