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Driver's License Suspension Due to Fake ID

Posted by attorney F. Powers

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Hi, I'm Bill Powers and I'm often called by parents who have had a child, maybe has gotten a ticket for a fake ID or use of a fake ID. Now many kids don't realize that that actually can and should result in a suspension of their driver's license under North Carolina General Statutes. Specifically, it's North Carolina General Statute, Chapter 20, Section 16, Subsection 6, and that statute reads basically that they have made or permitted the unlawful or fraudulent use of license or learner's permit or have displayed or represented it, his own, a license or learner's permit not issued to him. Now that's real simple language, but it can be complex in the sense that you can make a fake ID or you can use someone else's ID as your own, and that results in a suspension from the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles under Chapter 20. If you have a question about a fake ID issue in North Carolina, and specifically a license revocation, please give us a call at Powers/McCartan, the telephone number is: 704-342-HELP, and we are here to help you.

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