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Drafting A Service Agreement – What You Must Include

If you are a service provider, read on to learn how to make sure your Service Agreement protects you legally and establishes your rights and responsibilities effectively. When drafting a Service Agreement, be sure to do the following.

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For a service provider, drafting a service agreement is crucial, as there are several risks associated with beginning a new professional relationship with a client. For example, if you take payment upfront, a client may demand more work than you agreed to do for the money you charged. On the other hand, if you wait to be paid after the service is provided, a client may refuse to pay. In such cases, a solid, legally binding Service Agreement is the only thing that can protect you. By spending the effort to draft this crucial contract, you can avoid several headaches in the future. Do You Need a Service Agreement? We Can Draft It! The best way to create a bulletproof Service Agreement is to get help from a skilled Business Lawyer. At Jurado & Farshchian, P.L. J. our business lawyers can help you draft a solid Service Agreement as well as any other business contract you need. Give us a call today at (305) 921-0440 or send us an email to [email protected] or visit to learn more about our business contract services.

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