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Don't Ignore a Subpoena

Posted by attorney Alan Brinkmeier

Getting a subpoena to testify under oath or to provide documents in court for some dispute others have or are litigating is often the only time a person has contact with the civil or criminal court system. This guide offers advice as to why you should not ignore a subpoena with which you are served. 1

Contempt Citation

Do not ignore a subpoena. The judge has the authority to order a contempt citation against a person properly served with a subpoena that does not respond. A money fine and a court appearance to defend the contempt charge are natural consequences that follow for someone that ignores a valid subpoena.


Challenge by Motion

If you have a valid challenge to what is sought in the subpoena you can make a motion to limit the scope or reach of the subpoena before you comply. For this you will be best served to use an attorney as your advocate before the judge to make such a challenge.

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